AHK Visa Service

The German-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce (AHK Azerbaijan) offers a visa service in cooperation with the German Embassy to AHK members planning business trips to Germany.

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Schengen visa for business trips to Germany

AHK members can submit their application form, passport and necessary documents to the AHK office (Winter Park Plaza, 7th floor, 75 Rasul Rza str.) to obtain a visa for business trips or trade fairs in Germany.


Application Procedure

  1. You compile the necessary documents and fill out the application form. Guidelines and forms can be found on the website of the German Embassy.
  2. The complete visa application can be submitted to the AHK office on weekdays from 09:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. You give the AHK a power of attorney to represent your visa issue at the German Embassy.
  3. The total fee is payable in AZN to a branch of the International Bank of Azerbaijan. The payment slip must then be presented to the AHK Azerbaijan.
  4. The AHK Azerbaijan sends your application and passport to the German Embassy and picks up your passport there after processing the application.
  5. The processing time for visa applications takes 10 calendar days after the complete application documents have been submitted to the AHK office. In exceptional cases, the AHK Azerbaijan can request a faster processing of visa applications at the embassy. The collection can also be carried out by persons authorized in writing.

Important Notes

Applicants authorized to make a visa request are owners and employees of AHK member companies. The visa service for AHK member companies can only be used for business purposes (including trade fair visits). The following trips are not authorized for an application at the AHK visit: visiting tours (e.g. visiting relatives), study, language course, family reunification, tourism, medical treatment, buying car, truck driver and transit travels.

Only the German Embassy is authorised to issue visas. AHK cannot affect the visa decisions. In any case, the German Embassy reserves the right to invite the applicant to a personal interview.

Since June 23, 2015, every applicant is obliged to submit fingerprints when applying for a Schengen visa. If you have not yet submitted any fingerprints, you will be accompanied by an AHK employee at the visa office of the German Embassy. You will be informed about the exact date when submitting your application at the AHK office.

Visa Fees

The visa and service fees are not refundable in case the visa is not issued. The fee is 95.18,- EUR (incl. VAT) and consists of:

Visa-Service fee of AHK 60.18,- EUR;

Schengen-Visa fee of German Embassy 35,- EUR.

Further Information

                               Invitation letter                    
Type of visa                 Processing time Processing fee
90 days
Singe entry
Approx. 5 weeks Yes
One-year visa*
90/180 days of stay
Multiple Entry
Approx. 5 weeks Yes

* Please note that the invitation letter for 90 days singly entry and for an annual visa (duration of stay: 90 or 180 days a year) by the inviting company must be confirmed at the Ministry of Foreign of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Please note that visa applications can only be submitted in person to the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Berlin or by post through the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Stuttgart and the passports must be returned in the same way.