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Institutional Partners

In addition to its network of AHKs and IHKs, AHK Azerbaijan maintains a wide range of relationships with partners in politics and business.

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Board of Directors

The six board members are elected from the row of the regular AHK members. The term of the Board lasts for three years.

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Get informed about the AHK Azerbaijan's departments and find the right contact person for your enquiries.

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Here you will find the latest job vacancies as well as internships in our departments.

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Market Info

Here you can find specific publications by local and international institutions as well as the most recent information on the economic and financial development of Azerbaijan and Germany. Most of the information is available as a PDF document for download free of charge.

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The German-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce (AHK Azerbaijan), as the official representative of the German economy in Azerbaijan, provides information services and supports companies in their market and business research since 2012. The AHK Azerbaijan emerged from the German-Azerbaijan Business Association (DAWF) founded in 1999. With 181 member companies (as of 21.05.2024), the AHK Azerbaijan is the most powerful European economic association in Azerbaijan.

As a modern consulting company, the AHK Azerbaijan supports the market interests of German and Azerbaijani companies with the market and customer-oriented services. The range of services offered by the Chamber extends from consulting on market entry and the procurement of cooperation partners to the organisation of local business presence.

As a competent contact partner, we address all questions about the Azerbaijani market and benefit from an excellent/expanded network of the AHK in business and politics. The Chamber cooperates actively and cross-sectorally with a large number of companies as well as public and private associations and institutions.

Main focus

Business contacts

The AHK Azerbaijan offers companies comprehensive support through its exclusive business contacts, including high-ranking representatives of local and international business communities as well as cooperation partners of the Chamber from government institutions, embassies and diplomatic missions in both countries.

Market entry

The AHK Azerbaijan supports local and international companies in establishing and expanding their business activities in Azerbaijan and Germany!

Delegation trips

The planning and implementation of sector-related delegation trips, cooperation exchanges, and professional events are one of the core competences of the AHK Azerbaijan. Every year, the Chamber organises several delegation trips of German companies and political representatives to Azerbaijan and vice-versa.

Market Information-Publications

The AHK Azerbaijan provides its stakeholders with reliable, insightful and timely information on the current economic situation, business and investment environment as well as remaining economic and structural challenges in the country. Surveys, market analysis and publications conducted by AHK Azerbaijan have proven to be unique and valuable tools for those who are eager to learn more about the conditions for doing business and investing in Azerbaijan.

Dual vocational training

Dual vocational training has proven its worth in combating youth unemployment and shortages of skilled workers. In the meantime, many countries would like to adopt the model in cooperation with Germany.

Trade fairs

The AHK Azerbaijan is the official representative of Messe München in Azerbaijan and Georgia. It provides information on all trade exhibitions and events as well as helps to select suitable trade fairs.

The AHK Azerbaijan is a part of the global network of German Chambers of Commerce (AHKs) in 93 countries at 150 locations. The AHKs are closely connected to the network of the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (IHKs). In close collaboration with the AHKs, the IHKs support German companies in establishing and expanding their business relations with foreign countries. The joint umbrella organisation is the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), which coordinates and supervises the AHK network. The AHK Azerbaijan is funded proportionately by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action by a resolution of the German Parliament.

The AHKs combine three functions at their locations:

1. Official representations of the German Economy
The AHKs are the key players in German foreign trade promotion on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany. At the same time, they represent and promote German business interests in their host countries and provide information about and promote Germany.

2. Member organisations
The AHKs are member organisations for companies involved in bilateral economic relations. These members give their weight and voice to the AHK when it interacts with politics, business and administration to promote bilateral economic relations.

3. Service providers for companies
The German Chambers of Commerce provide services for companies from Germany and the respective host countries to support their foreign trade projects.