AHK Azerbaijan met Vusal Shikhaliyev, Representative of the Presidential Administration of Azerbaijan

On 11 October 2019, the executive board of the German-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce (AHK Azerbaijan) had a meeting with Mr. Vusal Shikhaliyev, Head of the Secretariat of the Commission on Business Environment and International Ratings of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The meeting was attended by the Executive Director of the AHK Azerbaijan, Mr Tobias Baumann, the Deputy Chairman of the AHK Azerbaijan Executive Board, Mr Farid Isayev, and the Deputy Executive Director of the AHK Azerbaijan, Ms Nigar Bayramli.

Mr Baumann underlined the growing network of the Chamber with over 140 member companies as of October 2019 and provided information about the recent projects implemented by AHK Azerbaijan, including face-to-face meetings with Ministries and state bodies, Working Group meetings, AHK Impuls and Business Forums. Speaking about the success of the Chamber, Mr Farid Isayev expressed the willingness of the Chamber to collaborate with the Commission in the forthcoming activities of the AHK Working Groups.

Following this, the Head of the Secretariat of the Commission, Mr Shikhaliyev presented the azranking.az portal and provided the detailed information on its functionality. Mr Shikhaliyev emphasised the role of the portal in the transforming the public-private dialogue to the digital and innovative platform. The portal contains general information about the Commission, legislative base, activities, ratings, benchmarking, online applications and contact sections. Operating both in Azerbaijani and English language, this platform aims to ensure the transparent and easy access to the information for the public and mass media.

In addition to this, Mr Shikhaliyev highlighted the importance of Chamber's efforts in further promoting of the public-private dialogue and the development of the business environment. It was also noted that the establishment of an active cooperation between the Commission and the Chamber would be effective in terms of prompt and objective assessment of the future issues.

The Chamber's representatives expressed their gratitude for the provided support and affirmed their confidence in strengthening the collaboration between the Commission and the Chamber in the future. Also, possible partnership ooportunities were discussed in the meeting.

Contact Person: Ms Aida Aliyeva

E-mail: aida.aliyeva@ahk-baku.de