Founding a Company in Germany

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Establishing a business in Germany offers you many benefits. You can operate directly on the German market, you can be found easily and, as a local company, might be regarded as more reliable by your German business partners. However, setting up a business is a bureaucratic challenge. Therefore, we and our partners in Germany offer you competent in-depth support and advice for your endeavor.

Our experienced team will handle the bureaucracy involved in setting up a business in Germany and pave the way for a successful start:

We check if you can use the name you have in mind

  • We set up the by-laws
  • We organize the meeting with a notary
  • We coordinate the opening of a company account
  • We register your company
  • We prepare a tax administration registration form

Thus, you can focus on a swift and smooth start of your business. See information below.

Establishing a business

Get comprehensive consultancy services on the most important German business forms and the best choice for you. We work in close cooperation with German law experts and notaries.

  • For general questions about setting up a business in Germany
  • The company form "Ltd." in Israel is equivalent to the "GmbH" in Germany
  • The simplified form of the GmbH is an entrepreneurial company with limited liability (Unternehmergesellschaft, UG) that requires less capital and is easy to establish
  • For more information on the establishment of a holding company in Germany

Found your business in Germany now: Online

Found your own business anywhere in Germany with the help of a reliable service. For a simple and affordable price, you will be supported by German notaries, lawyers and tax advisors at each step of the way.

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